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There has been a great growth of interest in online escape rooms over previous months and therefore Magical Story Chest Productions are now excited to introduce their own imaginative and curriculum related escape room experiences.

All our adventures are story based and feature classic recognisable characters from literature and history who will guide your students on their adventures to crack codes and solve puzzles to complete their quest.

With puzzles-based around the learning objectives in curriculum topics, including shape and colour recognition, vocabulary building and a variety of maths skills, our challenging games will give the children the opportunity to stretch their mental muscles, trying out new skills whilst practicing established ones, all whilst working as part of a team.

It’ll be so much fun, they won’t even realise they’re learning!

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Two children Hansel & Gretel went for a nice, sunny stroll in the Enchanted Forest yesterday and despite leaving a trail of breadcrumbs behind to help them find their way home, they got lost. Rumour has it they stumbled upon the Wicked Witch’s gigantic gingerbread house and she now has them trapped in a giant bird cage.

Sir William Marshal has brought in a team of his highly trained knights (YOU) and set them on a mission to find the Gingerbread House and rescue Hansel & Gretel from the Wicked Witch.

The breadcrumbs take the knights on an exciting journey through the forest and on the way, they meet famous fairy tale characters who help them work through the clues, piece together the evidence, learn some new skills and complete the quest.